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Facilities - Distribution Center

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The first thing visitors to the Briess Distribution Center see is how clean and tidy it is. The first thing they smell is the sweet fragrance of malt. That's because all bagged malt produced by Briess spends a little time in the Distribution Center before being shipped.

The 87,000-square-foot Distribution Center is part of a sprawling complex along Irish Road that includes the Office, Distribution Center, and Irish Road Extract Plant. Built in 1997 in the Chilton Industrial Park on the outskirts of town, the Distribution Center relieved truck congestion in the city's downtown and residential areas which had sprouted up around the malthouse since 1901. It also provided much needed warehouse space and improved the efficiency of handpicking, filling and shipping orders.

Not long after it was built, the original 60,000-square-foot facility was outgrown and received a 34,000-square-foot addition. The office occupies 6,000 square feet of the original structure.

It's like Grand Central Station, only it smells better

All bag malted and other grain ingredients produced at the two "downtown" plants is transferred to the Distribution Center for warehousing prior to shipping, making it something of a Grand Central Station for Briess Malt. Designed for short-term storage and hand picking small orders, the Distribution Center receives and ships daily during the week.

Certified forklift operators adhere to strict handling and quality control measures to make sure that every shipment of Briess malt leaves the Distribution Center in tip top shape. That means pallets are properly stacked and shrink wrapped, the shrink wrapping is clean and free of tears, and bags are clean and free of tears. Plastic pails and drums of malt extract are also shrink wrapped prior to shipment, and are clean and free of punctures.

To assure that all product we ship meets these strict standards, an internal, strict Quality Control Program is closely followed. It starts as soon as the malt is packaged:

  • Pallets are shrink wrapped prior to being transferred to the Distribution Center
  • Pallets are inspected prior to leaving production facilities
  • Pallets are inspected upon receipt at the Distribution Center
  • Pallets are inspected prior to loading for shipment
  • An extensive pest control program maintains a pest- and rodent-free environment in the Distribution Center
  • Floors are scrubbed on a regular schedule. Plus a few. Our crack Distribution Center crew goes by the rule, "If there's time to lean, there's time to clean."

The Distribution Center routinely receives perfect scores when audited for cleanliness and tidiness. And it smells good, too.

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Distribution Center