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Facilities - Insta Grains® Plant

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We saved you the hassle of installing a cereal cooker when we built the Insta Grains® Plant in 1990. Now, when your recipe calls for Brewers Flakes, all you have to do is add them directly to your kettle. No pre-cooking in a cereal cooker is necessary because we've already done it for you.

How do we do it? Well, inside the Insta Grains® plant we employ a heat treating process that pregelatinizes, or pre-cooks, the grains. Brewers Flakes are made by heat processing whole kernels of grain and then, at the end of the process, turning the pregelatinized grains into flakes. Because the heat treating processes employed in Insta Grains® require the addition of nothing but water and heat, grain ingredients manufactured in the Insta Grains® Plant are all-natural.

Sure, we process rice and corn into Brewers Flakes. But we love giving brewers tools for creating unique and complex flavors and characteristics in your beers. So we process a complete line of Brewers Grains. Check out the entire list and a little bit about each one on the Adjuncts page under the Products Tab.

Named for its signature line of Insta Grains® pregalatinized grain ingredients, the plant actually produces several product lines including:

  • Insta Grains® Ingredients
  • Pregelatinized (Brewers) Flakes
  • Briess® Roasted Grains

In addition to grain processing equipment, the plant is also home to Briess' milling operation, which grinds whole kernel malt into Preground Malt for brewing.

All ingredients processed in the Insta Grains® Plant are packaged in multi-wall paper bags for extended product shelf life. Automated equipment maintains bag weights to within one ounce of the target weight. That's 25-pounds for brewers flakes and 50-pound for other Insta Grains® ingredients, like Torrified Wheat (it'll be labeled as Insta Grains® Soft Red Wheat Whole Kernel, but that's just fancy for Torrified Wheat).

Quality Control Rules

Like the Irish Road Extract Plant, a strict Sanitation Program which includes rodent- and pest-control is part of the plant's Quality Control Program. And, like the extract plant, the Insta Grains® Plant passes an annual, voluntary audit by the Food Processors Association which certifies the plant as a food-grade facility.

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Insta Grains Plant