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Facilities - Irish Road Extract Plant

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Quick. How did the Irish Road Extract Plant get its name? Yeah, that's right, from its location on Irish Road in Chilton, Wisconsin.

But don't let the simplicity of its name fool you. The Irish Road Extract Plant is one of the most sophisticated, automated and versatile extract production facilities in North America. It houses a 500-barrel brewhouse and enough miles of stainless steel tubing and computer cable to stretch from Chilton to, well, we're not sure where but it would be a long way away. Maybe China.

The Irish Road Extract Plant was Roger Briess's dream. He had succcessfully re-introduced the family's Maltoferm® malt extract product line in the 1980s, and added the CBW® brewer's grade line several years later. But he wanted to bring production of the extracts in-house. An on-site plant would make Briess Industries, Inc. the only vertically integrated malting company in North America.

In February 2002 his dream came true.

Brewed to perfection

An exceptional brewer and maltster, Roger wanted the plant to be capable of producing brewer's grade malt extracts that are characterized by sufficient FAN for good fermentation. Since that can best be done in a brewhouse, the Irish Road Extract Plant was designed around a 500-barrel brewhouse. It ranks as one of the largest in the state.

In all, the Irish Road Extract Plant covers 18,000 square feet, is three stories tall and features:

  • A 500-barrel brewhouse
  • State-of-the-art filtration and evaporation equipment
  • Fully automated production and CIP systems
  • Custom production capabilities
  • Custom blending capabilities
  • Filtermat dryer for the production of DME
  • Sterile packaging room

Sanitation rules

A strict sanitation program maintains a low-micro environment in the plant. Since it was commissioned in 2002, the Irish Road Extract Plant has passed state and federal audits as well as an annual, voluntary audit by the Food Processors Association which certifies the plant as a food-grade facility. That's why employees and visitors alike wear those funny looking hair nets and walk through foot baths when we enter the plant.

Covering all facial hair with hair nets prior to the entering the plant is just the tip of the iceberg of the total Sanitation Program. In addition to strictly monitoring points of entry into the plant, the Sanitation and Quality Control Programs also include a fully automated CIP system, plus extensive testing for sanitation in the plant. The Extract Plant Lab is fully staffed and equipped to conduct physical and chemical testing on all raw materials received, on product as it passes through every phase of processing, and on finished product. Product is released after analysis to assure it meets specification.

Drying and Packaging

A Filtermat Dryer is used to produce DME (dried malt extracts). Liquid and dry extracts are packaged in a sterile packaging room. LMEs (liquid malt extracts) are packaged in 3.3 pound canisters (our only retail item for homebrew and hobby shops), 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, 3,000-pound liquid totes and tanker trucks. DME goes into 50-pound bags with a moisture barrier.

The Irish Road Extract Plant is Kosher Certified and certified to produce organic LMEs and DMEs.

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Irish Road Extract Plant