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Steeping Specialty Malts
Where to Buy Briess

Visit us in AHA Homebrew Con Briess Booth #1008 for FREE MALT and to TALK TECH with our pros. Fill up the "FREE MALT" bag found in your attendee bag with 1-pound of new Carapils® Copper Malt! Hope we see you there!


Since the pioneer days of American
Craft Beer, Briess has been the only malting company dedicated to the
small-scale production of specialty
malts for American craft and home brewers. Today, our dedication to
beer continues—from grower to
brewer. Providing you with the highest
quality, fullest flavored base and
and specialty malts is our goal.


We like to say we work for beer.

Our portfolio includes a wide array of
base and specialty malts for creative
brewing; pure malt extracts produced
in a 500bbl brewhouse from the
same malts; and our own line of
brewers flakes. All are made right here
in the USA, so you know you're brewing
with the freshest, most readily available malts, extracts and flakes available. Visit our Recipe Database for inspiration — print as 3x5 inch cards or full letter-size and bring them along on your next trip to you local homebrew shop.


Taste our newest malts at 2017 Homebrew Con

This year we're excited to be adding two new entries to our malt portfolio. Please visit us in AHA's 2017 Homebrew Con Booth #1008 where we'll be serving beers served with these new malts, and giving out one-pound "fill your own" bags of Carapils® Copper. Hope to see you there!

Synergy Select Pilsen Malt is a true European-style Pilsen Malt. We start by hand picking fields of Synergy barley grown for us in the Bighorn Basin, a flood-irrigated high plains desert known for producing exceptionally bright, plump barley. This specialty base malt is rich in flavor, high in extract and low in protein with moderate enzymes and FAN. For more product information, click here.


Carapils® Copper is a new twist to the iconic original, adding not only body, foam retention, and beer stability but also color and flavor to your beer. For mroe product information, click here.